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Hit's busy at The Policed! Main stage at Legends

Live in Schijndel, Tribute Fest, Iconic, Fatima Festival,  

Smaack Festival, Dijkrock, Tributeland etc. Performances in

abroad (Belgium, Spain).. and everywhere the audience sang

deafening along on all the big hits! Photos under PICS.

The Policed has been involved in all kinds of crazy (studio) projects in the previous period. After the 'mini Corona Concert' with Frank Evenblij, their 'Tribute to Roxanne', the spectacular 'Every Breath You Take' with superstar Noortje Herlaar and 'King of Pain' with multi-talent Anna Rune.. the last project was 'The Wisseloord Recordings'. At the exact same place where The Police recorded their 3rd album 'Zenyatta Mondatta' (the famous Wisseloord Studio in Hilversum), The Policed recorded two songs from that same album. Also on tape and in largely the original versions. A short documentary about this project has now been released. Watch it (and the other videos) nowVIDS.Finally, The Policed was shown on TV with the program 'Beat Me'. But nothing beats playing live.. we're glad the 'GIG' agenda is filling up fast again... Book The Police? Look belowBOOK.


Thanks again for your interest and all the nice comments! We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming gigs! 


Festival time is back! 
see below some photos and mobile phone clips of the latest festivals 

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