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In the early eighties The Police was the most popular band in the world. With a revolutionary vision on pop and punk, melody and rhythm Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland conquered the world in an instant.


Everybody who was a teenager in the early eighties remembers the huge impact of their first records, Outlandos d'Amour, Regatta de Blanc and those impressive first singles;  Roxanne, Can't Stand Losing You, So Lonely, Message in a Bottle and so on..


It is now more than twelve years ago that The Police finished their 2007/2008 'reunion tour'. Tributeband The Policed brings now that energy, musicality and dynamic back on the stage. Three fans, three musicians, let us introduce them to you: 

The Policed cover photo Outlandos D'amour.j
The Policed cover photo Regatta de Blanc .j


// guitar, Moog & vocals


Brilliant musician and guitar player. Plays at top level for most of his live. Former Van Katoen, The President. Is guitar player of Rock 'n Roll Junkies and now also The Policed. Plays and sounds like Andy, and that is not easy. Extra footwork - just like The Police- to play the Moog Taurus bass synth, so with your eyes closed you will hear the original sound of The Police. 


// bass & lead vocals


Two conservatory courses, a voice like a nightingale and about 171 years of stage experience make Anton Arema the perfect fit to be Sting for The Policed. He is the only person in the Netherlands who can sing almost all of the vocals in the original keys. Naturally, Anton is a professional musician who plays in many formations. He does the impossible, now at The Policed.


// drums (and occasionally vocals)


Likes a challenge. The drum parts of Stewart Copeland dominate for a great part the sound of The Police. They are complicated, syncopic-ally surprising, but most of all, energizing and spectacular creative. Tough job for Kees. But he is 'coping' and comes pretty close to the original drumming of his big example. He plays on one of the 50 original 'Stewart Copeland Reunion Tour' kits, that helps with the sound.. and looks. 


The band is working on the 'explosive' Synchronicity I and the less famous but incredible song  'Murder by Numbers" 

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