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Audience reactions to the Policed: 

Wonderful, energizing show, a brilliant guitar player who makes the memory of Andy Summers go bleak.. The Singer sounds and even looks like Sting.. and plays bass too! And the drummer creates the same syncopated high energy behind his huge Tama drumset... Go and see!! 

We visited a concert of The Policed with four friends in our fifties... we had a great time!.. All impressed with the musicality of the performers.. a moment back in time.. it was great!! 


I posted a Facebook Live clip while The Policed played Roxanne, without any additional info. 

People reacted promptly with " Oh, I', so jealous, we wish we were there too.." 

They thought I was at an actual Sting concert, and didn't notice that it was The Policed Tribute band that was playing.. a better compliment is not possible I think... 

This Tribute band has fantastic musicians, they make a great party.. tastes for more!!!

With your eyes closed you listen to the original The Police.. with you eyes open even more!!!

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